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  • Larry Rogers

    I’m eagerly waiting to hear from you Buck !!!

    Mr Bingo

  • Mike

    I will be in Phuket in July and possibly making a side trip to Pattaya for 3 days…July 19-21. Will you be there in order to give me a tour of your favorite bars and restaurants? What is your fee?


  • Nick Cooling


    This story is awesome and mental but having visited Cambodia I know it has to be true.
    since returning from Phnom Penh I cant stop thinking about the place an the wonderful time I had there, hence finding your cambodia video and reading the above. Where do you live now and what do you do for a job? The reason i ask is that i desperately want to go back and live in cambodia but frankly im scared! all you hear in UK is; get a job get a family plan your pension ect. How does one over come that worry?

    I hope you are well

    Nick Cooling 24 England

  • Kosta

    Good day, I have same business project just started in Ukraine, already had few clients who stayed really happy. Philippines is very good, but Ukrainian girls are much hotter and they love money and party. So I propose not just sex tour, I propose a dream tour. You can choose any your fetish idea choosing girls from the list and I organize that any party here in Ukraine. We could make it major, you could get us clients there, and I would organize everything here. So if you interested let me know on my e-mail adress.

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  • ernie martinez

    I’m going to Pattaya in two weeks. What is the difference between GO-GO girls, COYOTE girls, dancers, and Hostesses? Can you get all of them with a BAR FINE?

  • Bangarang

    Hey Buck, I need you to b my Crazy D. I live in Canada and been wanting to return to Asia. How does your tour work? Do i Meet u in Thailand? what state r u in? Maybe I fly down there first and have lunch lol.

    But seriously Im down to go ASAP


  • tom66tb

    hello buck,

    if i like to book you how i can contact you and how much will it cost.
    lpease give me more infos i will be in pattaya in about 4 or 5 weeks.


  • Mr. O’Connor

    u mention u could b for hire Re: tour guide etc. in Phnom Penh or Siem Reap

    im interested

    await ur reply

    • http://buckwildtours.com/ Buck Wild

      If anyone wants to get to me directly please hit me up at buck@buckwildtours.com

  • Keeran Palam

    Hi Buck,
    I have been watching many of your videos this past week. I have traveled to Thailand and particularly Pattaya on four vacations. I have to say your vidoes are great, informative and often hilarious. Keep up the great work. You’re tempting me to take one of your tours despite having traveled to some of the places you work out of. I have to ask you one question that has been irritating me and that is in some of your videos you are using some sort of image stabilizer. I was wanting to know whether it was software or hardware. And if it is hardware what is it? and what camera do you use in conjunction with it? Refer video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7jDC-xR5ZY



    By the way put me on your mailing list so I can hear more about the wonderful work you do.

    • http://buckwildtours.com/ Buck Wild

      One of my most asked questions is what video camera I use for videos! Here you go its a Sony HDR-CX350V. On some videos I use the auto stabilizing editing option through YouTube.

  • MARR10TT

    Hi Buck,

    I would like some advice surrounding travelling around Asia and mainly Thailand. My friend and I are aiming to go for 6 weeks roughly between end of July-Aug. Firstly is that a good time to go (maybe taking weather into consideration and popularity)

    Secondly: Would what you suggest are the must visit areas during my time in Asia. We are considering, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and potentially Philippines.

    3. When u refereed to a recent video i watch of yours, you suggested that the Philippines is better for monitoring over Thailand, what do you mean when you mentioned that?

    4. Not forgetting the women out there, we want to experience it all, where’s best ?

    5. Finally what are the most common scams we must watch out for?

    If you could help me with any of these queries it would be greatly appreciated.

    Kind Regards,


    • http://buckwildtours.com/ Buck Wild

      If we are talking mongering.. Thailand and Philippines! Just a vacation all of them have lots to do and see..

  • wldalderh

    youre skype not online
    i dont know why

  • Anal Cavity

    Buck Wild = 1/2Man, 1/2Spastic. Zero talent with women. Professional mongerer my arse. Forever destined to pay or sex :D

  • anal cavity

    Buck Wild = half man, half spastic = zero ability to connect with the opposite sex. Will be paying for sex forever ;)

    • http://buckwildtours.com/ Buck Wild


      • anal cavity

        Why? Does the truth hurt?

  • Anal Cavity

    Buck Wild = Half man, half spastic = Zero ability to meet real women. Will be paying for sex until the end of his pointless, parasitic life.

  • Anal Cavity

    Hey dip-shit. You’re BuckWild youtube account has been terminated for the promotion of sex abuse. LOL What a shame :D

  • jimmy

    Sucks your channel got deleted – loved all the vids – I hope you find a new platform and get them back up

    • Anal Cavity

      Won’t be happening. I made a complaint to youtube to get the fucker’s account deleted.

      • Anal Cavity Filler

        Someone should get you deleted.

        • Anal Cavity

          why is that?

          • Anal Cavity

            Am I the one endorsing hatred towards women, and the rape of minors? That something you agree with? Is that it?

          • Anal Cavity

            What is your full name? Why are you on this website?

    • jimc61

      I agree totally you were really good , gave me great info for my trip next month